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Lessons Learned: Local Markets Matter

New development outside Colorado Springs, CO

This is kind of a “Duh” sort of lesson, but every community we visited was its own unique case of why local housing markets matter.  Even between communities that had tight housing markets, the conditions that create an affordability squeeze aren’t the same. Continue reading

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Less Regulation, More Density… More Affordability?

A recent interview by WHYY’s Marty Moss-Coane engaged Slate‘s Matthew Yglesias about his latest book “The Rent is Too Damn High: What to Do About It and Why It Matters More Than You Think.”  One of Yglesias’ main claims is regulation is holding back adequate housing supply, and thus housing affordability, especially coastal cities.  Moss-Coane does an excellent job as the interviewer and raises a ton of essential questions about housing development.   Continue reading

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