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Will vacancy cost Obama votes?

It’s hard to do grassroots canvassing when most of the neighborhood is in foreclosure.

“The nation’s foreclosure crisis rarely is mentioned by the presidential candidates, but it looms large as their campaigns grapple with finding evicted voters in swing states.

Organizers are discovering scores of vacated homes in key battlegrounds that contributed strong turnouts in the 2008 election. In the past four years, more than 3.7 million homes have been lost to foreclosure, according to market research firm CoreLogic. Continue reading

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‘Trial Balloons’: Obama’s Piecemeal Housing Approach

photo credit: Pete Souza

The Washington Post ran a great article last week that highlights the series of plans and ideas used by the Obama Administration to assist struggling homeowners.  I’ve posted about  a number of proposals before, including allowing homeowners to refinance mortgages and assisting the wrongfully-foreclosed.

A core issue: Obama has yet to create a comprehensive method of dealing with the housing crisis. Continue reading

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The moral hazard of not helping underwater mortgages


With his State of the Union address last night, President Obama introduced new proposals to help struggling homeowners.  This is hardly the first effort by the Obama administration, though many of the others have been short-term fixes that did not suffer enormous opposition.  This probably will be different. Continue reading

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