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‘Trial Balloons’: Obama’s Piecemeal Housing Approach

photo credit: Pete Souza

The Washington Post ran a great article last week that highlights the series of plans and ideas used by the Obama Administration to assist struggling homeowners.  I’ve posted about  a number of proposals before, including allowing homeowners to refinance mortgages and assisting the wrongfully-foreclosed.

A core issue: Obama has yet to create a comprehensive method of dealing with the housing crisis. Continue reading

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“Housing 4 Hipsters” in Arlington

photo credit: Infrogmation of New Orleans

Button up your flannel and grab your messenger bag! Arlington County is hosting an affordable housing event – “Housing 4 Hipsters ” – on March 14.  Let’s get a few things out of the way: I don’t think this event is actually targeted at hipsters (“door prizes, such as Redskins tickets and interior design services, will be given away” – come on), nor do I think that you can do a whole lot to attract hipsters to your city.  This has been extensively talked about in economic development… is it possible to attract “creative” classes of people to help pioneer neighborhood revitalization?  Most experts would say no, or at least, not with any degree of precision. Continue reading

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Slowing Foreclosure, Stabilizing Neighborhoods

photo credit: The Truth About

This weekend, the New York Times ran a great article that highlights the complicated relationship between lenders and homeowners in foreclosure.  Once a homeowner stops making mortgage payments, the lender’s response can fall along a spectrum, from borderline philanthropy to downright aggression.   Continue reading

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Solution to the Affordability Paradox?

photo credit: respres

A few days ago, I did a post on the paradoxical state of the housing market: home prices are at record lows, which is great for affordability, but mortgage credit markets are also very tight with adjustments to additional, and much-needed, government oversight.  So, unless you’ve got excellent credit, these low housing values are probably out of your reach.  And in terms of affordable housing, it’s not the people with excellent credit who struggle to become homeowners. Continue reading

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How HEMAP helped PA homeowners

HEMAP – the Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program – started nearly thirty years ago by the state of Pennsylvania to assist homeowners facing foreclosure.  Or, at least it did until last summer when the state rolled back the program’s funding.  Over the program’s operation, nearly 50,000 families have been able to avoid foreclosure in PA. Continue reading

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