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Lessons Learned: Invest in Volunteerism

What’s better than a volunteer? A volunteer who can train other volunteers.

Habitat for Humanity is well-known for its use of volunteers.  Many of you have probably swung a hammer or dipped a paintbrush with a local Habitat affiliate. And our  team did a lot of hammering and painting during build days.  After all, when 20 extra able bodies show up to your site, having lots of easy, low-skill work is great.

Take this paint brush.  Paint.  (Of course, being hospitable, Habitat did say ‘Please.’) Continue reading

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High Vacancy… and We’re Still Building?

photo credit: Rishichhibber

Cities across the nation have higher-than-normal vacancy rates, especially among single-family homes.  At the same time, housing permits – a commonly-used indicator for forthcoming housing supply – are on the rise. What gives?

This odd phenomenon isn’t without reason.   Continue reading

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