Will vacancy cost Obama votes?

It’s hard to do grassroots canvassing when most of the neighborhood is in foreclosure.

“The nation’s foreclosure crisis rarely is mentioned by the presidential candidates, but it looms large as their campaigns grapple with finding evicted voters in swing states.

Organizers are discovering scores of vacated homes in key battlegrounds that contributed strong turnouts in the 2008 election. In the past four years, more than 3.7 million homes have been lost to foreclosure, according to market research firm CoreLogic.

And canvassers have been left with voter databases — an indispensable tool for getting out the vote — riddled with outdated addresses and phone numbers”

In this article, NPR’s Corey Dade examines the effects of vacancy on the 2012 campaign.  I hadn’t considered this prospect before, though the actual impact on voting wont be seen until November.  However, considering the massive voter registration push by the 2008 Obama Campaign, featuring a widespread door-to-door effort, it’s easy to imagine some effect.  And, as Dade points out, many states with high foreclosure rates happen to be political battlegrounds.

For more, check out the full article.


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