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“Livin’ on a Prayer” and Buildin’ a Dream

Turns out the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation is supporting affordable housing right in my own backyard!  Check out this recent story from Camden, NJ:

“Today Heart of Camden held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a home for Jorge Cartagena, a young boy who turns 10 this month was shot in the eye by a stray bullet last year. Jorge will be moving into his new home with his grandmother, Manuela Pintor, who is also a new homeowner. The celebration was held outside of Manuela and Jorge’s new home in the Waterfront South community of Camden, NJ. Continue reading

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“Sustainable, Affordable, Prefab: The ecoMOD Project”

Happy Earth Day!

We often think of “green building” as a flashing architectural style reserved for expensive building projects – shiny wind turbines, vast solar arrays, even vertical farms.  But, as the University of Virginia’s ecoMOD Project demonstrates, sustainable buildings can also be affordable places to call home. Continue reading

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80% There… Three Weeks to Go

We've raised over $3,700 so far!

Over the last several months, we’ve raised over $3,700 for my Bike & Build campaign.  Nearly 60 donations, large and small, from friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers have made this possible.  As I wrap other parts of my trip preparation – like affordable housing research, training, sweat equity, and packing – will you help me reach my fundraising goal? Continue reading

The Next Affordability Pinch

photo credit: Payton Chung

Yesterday’s home sales figures from the National Association of Realtors remind us that despite reasons for optimism, the market is not quite out of the woods. It’s important to note that the 2.6 percent slide (compared to March) is for home sales.  Continuing a multi-year trend, rental vacancy is still going down.  In short, many people who previously would have been potential homeowners are renting.  This is a big deal for affordability.  Bear with me here… Continue reading

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Getting Ready for a Big Ride

Check out this article in the Fauquier Times-Democrat about the upcoming Bike & Build journey!

Beginning May 13, Chrisinger, who grew up near Warrenton, where his family still lives, will put demands on his body and mind that will pale compared with anything he’ s ever tried before.

On that day, in Nags Head, N.C., he and 20 others will start a cross-country bike ride , organized by a nonprofit group called Bike & Build, in support of affordable housing… The riders will pass through nine states and spend 13 days at nine locations helping to construct nine affordable homes. read more

[Many thanks to reporter Don Del Rosso for the article, as well as to Neal, Ranya, Emily, and my Mom for their kind words.]