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Affordability in the Nation’s Capital

I did a post a few weeks ago that featured some affordability indicator maps I made for Philadelphia.  This afternoon I wanted to try out some different indicators… what better place than the nation’s city, Washington D.C.? Continue reading

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The “Paradox” of Housing Recovery

Photo credit: Sean O'Flaherty

Yesterday, Suzy Khimm of the Washington Post posted an article about the frustrating, yet logical paradox of today’s housing market:

“There’s a seeming paradox at the heart of the housing crisis: housing is more affordable than ever, but potential homebuyers remain skittish and banks have dramatically tightened their lending standards.” Continue reading

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This Week’s Goal: Help me get halfway

In just over a month, you’ve helped raise $2,000 toward my overall Bike & Build goal of $4,500 – THANK YOU for this incredible support.  This week, I’m setting a new goal: let’s get to the halfway mark.  Any donation – large or small – will keep me moving along and help me in my ride for affordable housing.

One week, $250.  I think we can do it!  If you’d like to donate, please check out the Contribute page.  

San Francisco uncovers a “Crisis of Compliance”

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San Francisco City and County recently reviewed 382 residential mortgage loans on the books between 2009 and 2011.  Their goal was to check these mortgages for irregularities and ensure compliance with local laws.  Their findings: a 99% irregularity rate and a 84% violation rate (for applicable laws). Continue reading

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Affordability in Philly

Here’s a quick snapshot of housing affordability in Philadelphia using two Census indicators: median housing values and monthly owner costs.  As you can see from these maps, there’s strong spatial variation between areas in Philly.  I did the analysis at the Census-tract level, so each small polygon on the map roughly represents a neighborhood.

Median housing value is a useful indicator for a variety of reasons.  One that might not be as obvious – housing is a major financial asset for many families.  So not only does the indicator show where “nice” housing exists, it shows which neighborhoods stand to have a lot of value, provided homeownership opportunities exist. Continue reading

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